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A.R.P offers a range of assessments from age 2.5 through adulthood.

If you are unsure which assessment is best for you, please contact us.

We can discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and set up a phone consultation.

PsychoEducational Assessment


Psych/Ed for children 6 years old and older (includes exploring ADHD)


Psych/Ed with Developmental for ages 2-5

Social Emotional (including PsychEd) Assessment 


Soc/Emo for children 6 years and older


Soc/Emo for children under 6

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment


ASD only assessment for 6 years and older (includes social/emotional/ADHD measures)


ASD/Psych/Ed for children 6 years and older (includes executive functioning to explore ADHD and social/emotional to explore anxiety/depression, etc.)


ASD assessment for children 2.5-5 (includes developmental assessment)


ASD confirmation (must be reviewed first)


ASD add on after psych/Ed (request must come in within 4 months of psych/Ed assessment)  

Adaptive Functioning Only Assessment


Adaptive with IQ measures (for CLBC Eligibility)


Adaptive only (for CLBC Eligibility)

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